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Pinkie's Trip - MLP-WTG 1
Pinkies (Super Funtabulous =D) Trip
It was a calm spring day; everything seemed to be going smoothly. Everywhere except above Sugar Cube Corner, the residence of the town's most... eccentric pink pony. Crashes and noises of things being thrown around could be heard. Twilight Sparkle had originally been on her way there simply to see her friend, and perhaps purchase some of the bakeries wonderful treats, but had become quite worried now.
She approached the shop cautiously, entering to find a worried Mr. Cake, who was minding the counter right now; Mrs. Cake was in the kitchen working away. The yellow stallion smiled a bit, "Hey there Miss Sparkle, I'm guessing your here to see Pinkie Pie," Mr. Cake said, his worry more obvious in his voice then his form.
"Oh, yes I am... is everything alright though?" she asked, punctuated by another crash and a frustrated cry by the pink earth pony. "What is going on up there?" she added to her question.
The baker shrugged slightly, "Not sure, w
:iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 4 13
Arcel Nuzlocke - FR 2
Fire Red Nuzlocke: Part 2
Team Members: 1
Deaths: 0

Arcel had planned on staying behind for a bit and helping analyze the apparent control collar, but Prof. Oak had insisted that he got his journy started. So, after procuring a map and a few pokeballs from a small local shop, he began his journy.
On his way, on the strangly named route 1, he caught a female Rattata, which he named Janna, and gotten the following pokedex entry added.
Pokedex Entry:
Rattata - The Mouse Pokemon
Gender: Female
Discription: Its Fangs are long and Very Sharp. They grow continuously, so it gnaws on hard things to whittle them down.
Lvl: 2
Nature: Hasty
Current Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip

He decided to start with just catching one pokemon in this area for now, as he moved further north into the city. Where he promptly discoverd(much to his dissapointment) that the Gym was currently closed, the Gym Leader out on some sort of business. He sighed, and after a bit of grinding on Route 1
:iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 0 12
The Otherlord - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Shocking Discovery
As the sun broke over the horizon, the town of Kator had a new master. The fires were out and the Saipern soldiers either were dead, had ran into the desert and were as good as dead, or had abandoned their military attire and surrendered to the Overlord, just for some to be slain by his word after being informed who was trustworthy and who would most likely act as a spy by his now concubine (to their eyes at least), Anjie Sah-Kator.
The people saw him as a savior, even more so when one of his minions had been kind enough to open up the water lines again. It turned out that Niatwajit, or Nitwit as he would be rememberd in Kator, had been using the water for private baths and other such frivolities while he let the populace of the town suffer.
Currently, Ramtalos stood atop the very building where he had slain Niatwajit, overlooking the town as he awaited the wagons to be loaded up, a hefty sum having been left behind in the vaults of the manor, as w
:iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 5 15
Hitmonchil by Arcel-Windwing Hitmonchil :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 6 33 DevArt ID - By Momo by Arcel-Windwing DevArt ID - By Momo :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 3 4
Arcel Nuzlocke - FR 1
Fire Red Nuzlocke: Part 1
In the south west of the Kanto Region, there lays a small town, known as pallet town, home to a handful of people, including a young man and his arch rival, a young female, today being the first day of there pokemon journey, which they both hope will be a long and prosperous adventure.
They are not the focus of this story though, instead, we turn to a slightly older boy, around the age of 15, who is now just visiting the small town in search of something.
This boy went by the name of Arcel Sorm, and it is his life long dream to become a pokemon reasercher. He is originaly from the Hoenn region, having traveled here in search of the famous Prof. Oak who is said to have his lab in this area. He had come a long way and gotten lost many times, all while in the company of pokemon trainers since he had none of his own. And after just asking for directions from one of the citizens of this small town, was able to make his way towards the Proffesors Lab.
:iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 2 0
Custom Nuzlocke Rules- Arcel
Custom Nuzloke Rules - Arcel Edition
1) If a pokemon faints, it is dead and must be boxed perminantly in the Graveyard or Perma-box box.
2) You may only catch the first pokemon in each route, if it runs away or faints, to bad. Exception, doubles you don't count if you so wish it.
3) Potions(any), and Full Heals are banned following the first battle(don't want it to end to quickly). However, Berrys, Antidotes, other one status healing items, and hold items are allowed. (Since I am not used to it yet... This rule is suspended till after I get first badge)
4) Battle mode must be changed to "set"
a) You get 1 Free Revive, everyone makes mistakes and it shouldn't cost you a valuable team member, keep track, cause you just get 1.
b) 1 exception to the first pokemon rule, of your choice determined at the begining of play, however, that is the only pokemon you can catch in that area. Example: For my run, I am going to make sure to catch a Kan
:iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 4 0
The Otherlord - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Heated Battle
The Overlord in the making charged forward, the Rock Minions having been able to create enough chaos to prevent the small Saipern force occupying the city from organizing an effective counter strike, hopefully it would last long enough for him to reach and terminate the commanding officer.
His train of thought was cut off when a particularly brazen Saipern soldier charged him, having somehow gotten around the growing Rock Minion chargers. It didn't serve him well as Ramtalos stopped him in his tracks, disarmed and then disemboweled him in a quick series of fluid motions. Incompetent soldiers, Ramtalos thought as the soldier crumbled to a pile of flesh and bones, its a wonder how the Saipern empire was so powerful with such laxly trained soldiers.
"Aww, your talents are a sight to see." Gerbil's voice was heard through the amulet, Ramtalos noted that they needed a better way to communicate, having everyone being able to hear his conversations with his adv
:iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 4 13
FUSE-Corp: Senyba by Arcel-Windwing FUSE-Corp: Senyba :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 2 7 FUSE Corp - Scan-Ball by Arcel-Windwing FUSE Corp - Scan-Ball :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 18 6 FUSE Corp - Robegon 1.0 by Arcel-Windwing FUSE Corp - Robegon 1.0 :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 5 3 Sword Man Master Soul by Arcel-Windwing Sword Man Master Soul :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 2 0 Cyntortule by Arcel-Windwing Cyntortule :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 9 54
Darkest before the Dawn GxZ
      The moon slowly sets from the feild of closed sunflowers, the air is slightly chilled and the world surrounding forest is dark and silant, the nocternal creatures going to sleep, and the day time creatures not yet waking. In the middle of the field, is a circle of frost, where the tempture shaprly drops, and the flowers are frozen in place. In the center of the circle sits a a figure with long white hair in a braid, wearing very heavy clothing and in layers, seeming off for the surrounding the forest, but fits in just right in the middle of the frozen patch. Her skin is blue and cold, frozen just like the rest of her. Her pure white eyes looking out over the feild towards the darkness, the stars in the sky her only companion right now.
      She sighed a bit to herself, feeling utterly alone, and currled her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. Even that annoying rabbit would be a welcome change from
:iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 2 10
Arayat by Arcel-Windwing Arayat :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 5 0 Trodragron 2.0 Edit by Arcel-Windwing Trodragron 2.0 Edit :iconarcel-windwing:Arcel-Windwing 3 6

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Sandshrew Report
Sandshrew (the Mouse Pokémon) is a relatively uncommon Ground-type Pokémon (Ice/Steel-type in the Alola region) found among grassy plains, desert environments and cold mountain peaks within the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Orre regions as well as most arid environments within North and South America and the Sinnoh region on rare occasions. Tenacious and hardy by nature, Sandshrew are somewhat cute rodent relatives that are specifically adapted to survive in arid environments and do so with great efficiency. They might not look incredibly dangerous, but when it comes to combat, these little critters can sure put up a strong defense and once they've curled up their bodies, it will be hard to force them open without sheer Water or Grass-type force!
The hides of Sandshrew are specifically designed to absorb and retain water with almost perfect efficiency, allowing them to survive relatively easily within arid locations without ever having to come into contact with
:iconmutitus:Mutitus 21 47
Sandslash Report
Sandslash (the Mouse Pokémon) is an uncommon Ground-type Pokémon (Ice/Steel-type in the Alola region) found among grassy plains, desert environments and cold mountain peaks within the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Unova, Kalos and Alola regions as well as most arid environments within North and South America and the Sinnoh region on rare occasions. Cunning and hardy to the extreme, Sandslash are wicked little creatures that love to batter down opponents with their spiked backside before cutting them to ribbons with their sharp claws. If you have to deal with one of these spiny creatures, make sure to bring a Pokémon with strong armor, as anything less will make your Pokémon little more than pincushion material!
When Sandshrew evolve, the hide on their back hardens and fractures, morphing into a series of sharp spines similar to the plate-like scales that cover pangolins; although the spines are sturdy and rock-like, they are nonetheless organic, falling out and re-growing on
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Cruising Down Interstate 60
United States
Yo, not much to say, I preffer writing to drawing since I can't draw very well.

ID by :iconmomo-butt:

Current Residence: Neva-Arizona! I mean Arizona!
Favourite genre of music: All of them..... except for rap.
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Phantom and Kim Possible(all charicters), Yomiko Readmen, Able Nightroad(if Anime counts XD)
Personal Quote: Purple Monkey Bean Paste Underwear
Got tagged by :iconlamaohi:


-Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.

-You have to choose and tag 10 (or so) people and post their icons on the same journal.

-Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.

-No Tag Backs.

So here goes nothing... I am rather boreing so I hope I can think of 10 things xD

1. Currently I have no job, but I did at one time work for a flower/bridal shop/chaple(=u=) and before that a Walmart (=n=)

2. I LOVE to game, though I seem to have shifts in mood, playing 1 game a heck of alot till I eventualy get distraced or beat it, when I move to another one, usualy I get distracted before I finish though and move to another obsession.

3. My memory is weird, I don't remember things I should and do remember random crap from 10 years ago that I saw on TV once...

4. I am in a commited long distance relationship :heart:

5. ..... *sigh* I am a very resistant and unwilling brony, a show I hate to love but can't stop myself =n=

6. I am an overactive imagination as well as an implusive need to create characters and senarios... I do it all the time, mostly not on purpose xD

7. I traveled alot when I was younger, my father worked for a mine overseas and they payed for all our families travel, so I have been to South Africa, Austrelia, England, and several US states.

8. Goes hand and hand with 7, the mine my father worked for was in Indonesia, where I lived(on and off) for the first 10 years of my life, and will always consider the town of Tembagapura my Hometown(though I was born in the US)

9. I love history, mainly the little quirks and side notes of it, in fact if I am ever able to make a stable enough income to afford it, I plan to get at least a minor degree in some sort of history..... *lame*

10. Ummm.... errr.... I'm a fan of Monty Python. *shrugs*... all I got xD

Now to tag some peeps... fi you have already done thing I am sorry for tagging you again... heck I can't even remember if I did the 10 things journal before... oh well xD

I tag:
:iconredpoet2::iconmomo-butt::iconlemonink::iconscpilot::iconnever-coming-back::iconfoxdevil1: Umm.... *lame, doesn't know 10 people to tag, fails*
  • Playing: LoL
  • Drinking: Water


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